Warren Nilsen

"Holy smokes...somebody needs a little wrinkle cream for those laugh lines!"


My name is Warren Nilsen and I live and work near Atlanta Georgia. I'm married and have a couple of kiddies.

While enjoying art and drawing as a kid I didn't start painting until around 2001 and became smitten with the works of Edward Hopper, Robert Henri, George Bellows and others who practiced their craft primarily in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. There are about a bazillion contemporary representational artists who I enjoy following as well; some of my favorites include Quang Ho, Clyde Steadman (the Denver connection), Bradford J. Salamon, Raymond Logan, Catherine Kehoe, and James Richards. And let's not forget C.W. Mundy who is a phenomenal painter from Indiana and the late Ken Auster of California who was a superb and inspirational artist.