Marketing Update | Feb 9, 2021

Valentine's Day Promotion

Hi Everyone, Hope you all are well, happy and blessed!

I ran an ad for the above post on both Instagram ($25 for 5 days) and Facebook ($10) for 5 days... (I would normally only spend about $20 per promotion, but with Spring fast approaching, I thought we'd just splurge on our first campaign of the year go all in!)

I focused the ad within a 20 mile radius of the Gallery. So a total of a $35 ad spend.

Some of you have graciously volunteered to help by contributing to the ad costs, which is very much appreciated. For very little money, we an reach a lot of folks... and we can target specific areas.

By running occasional ads across social media, we stand out in search engine and social media algorithms. This in turn also helps us to gain better positioning organically (unpaid). Everyone benefits from the traffic.

If anyone wishes to contribute to the cost of this ad, or future ads, you can easily do so online via PayPal (with, or without a PayPal account)

You will send any marketing donation to my account email:

You can also leave it at the gallery in an envelope, if you wish to contribute.

Regardless, I will update everyone with where marketing any and all funds are used, and I will keep everyone updated on the stats.

Below are today's stats resulting from our current ad spend:



Google Analytics:

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