NancyJeanette Long

"My art is about remembering things . . . in my own way    ....and 'disremembering' everything else".

A native of Fort Worth, Texas, NancyJeanette’s artistic career began at an early age when she began painting with her mother on Sunday afternoons. Surrounded by art books, paintings and sculpture at home, NancyJeanette always knew she wanted to be a painter.  “I can still see the reproductions of Renoir, Picasso and Klee that covered our walls,” says NancyJeanette.  “My mother never received art instruction, but she had "the eye" of an artist. I think I inherited that!”

Her early influences included Picasso, Cezanne and Matisse for their daring use of paint to communicate beyond the surface of objects in our everyday world. This interest in communication of “inner subject” became an integral part of her own work. Her use of color and line has been influenced by such diverse artists as Georgia O’Keefe, Hans Hoffman, David Hockney, Stephanie London, Erik Heck and Tomas Sunyol.

NancyJeanette attended Texas Christian University, University of Texas, Indiana University and East Tennessee State University, where she studied languages and received advanced degrees in French, Slavic Linguistics, and Early Childhood Education and took “a few art classes along the way”. After completing her degrees, she began a formal study of art at University of West Georgia in Carrollton.  She taught art at the Heritage School in Newnan, Ga for many years. Her early work concentrated on oil and pastel paintings which were shown in local galleries and art fairs. She has studied and taken workshops with Tom Powers, Charles Reid, Everett Kinsler, Anne Emerson Hall, Diana Tomo, James Richards and Laura Lanford.

Selectively simplified, her works are simultaneously abstraction and realism.  Today she works exclusively in acrylics, enjoying their freedom and versatility that allows experimentation with color, texture and application.  Her works have received awards in several national juried art shows. She is a member of the Atlanta Artists Center and her work regularly appears in exhibitions throughout the Southern region of the United States.

Available Works of Art