Kim Anderson

"It's not enough to put your heart & soul into something. The really important things require much more than that. "



Kim Anderson, a native of Georgia is a local Fine Artist who's versatility allows her to work beautiful and seamlessly across a variety of mediums including oils, acrylics, watercolor. pastels, wire and more.

She offers original and custom works of art at affordable rates and is available for commissioned hire for photo rendering and custom scene paintings, including both animal and people portraiture.


Kim also creates and sells original works of art in a variety of mediums.

Her artistic style is unbridled and subject to the artist's whim... Kim painting skills and style includes versatility in realism, impressionism and abstracts.  She has also been know to paint murals, and create book illustrations. 

Kim recently joined the artists at the Roswell Square Gallery and can often be found painting live in the gallery and studio on weekends, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  

Her aspirations for the upcoming year (2020) are to begin offering online (virtual) painting classes through Patreon and establishing a program for community outreach for providing painting classes for  children and seniors. 

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“I enjoy seeing the delight of my customers when they see their favorite memory recreated; their photo come to life - in a  custom painting or work of art - created to their requested size, style and and in their desired medium!”

I welcome an opportunity to render a special work of art just for YOU or for someone you love!   


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Previous Works

These works of art were previously commissioned.  They are in private collections in not available for sale.