Donna Loveday

For Donna, that describes the Watercolor medium that she began just 3 years ago. Prior to then she had always favored the Oil and Acrylic mediums because they allowed for a “do over”. So when a mentor artist suggested she try painting in Watercolor, Donna very reluctantly did so. What was once her most avoided medium quickly became her greatest strength as an artist.


Donna Loveday is a commissioned artist whose work is part of collections in several states across the United States. Primarily a Watercolor artist today, Donna realistically recreates homes and historical buildings in her paintings. She continues to do portraits of people and pets in both Oil and Watercolor. Her small but detailed “Special Moment Vignettes” have had great appeal.


Donna has a studio near Mt. Laurel, Alabama and another studio and gallery in Historic Roswell, Georgia. She has memberships in the Georgia Watercolor Society and the Artist Guild of the Crooked Tree Arts Center in Petoskey, Michigan.

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