Beth Blackwell Cullen

404 316 8461

I left the corporate world in 2016, after over 28 years of working in commercial real estate, higher education, restaurants and hotels. During those 28+ years I fed my creative energies in various ways: metalsmithing, photography and my own handmade jewelry business. But it was an experimental drawing class in 2014 that really got me hooked on painting and drawing.
I've studied with George Morton, Qiang Huang, Colley Whisson, Bill Davidson, Jim Richards, Elizabeth Floyd, Seth Haverkampf, Philip Carpenter, Karen Appleton, Nancy Franke, David Boyd, Marc Chatov, Ben Smith, Jill Carver, Matt Smith, and Russell Case.
In addition to painting and drawing, I love visiting museums, learning about art and art history. I am an active member of the Atlanta Artists Center and Booth Museum Artists Guild, and I’m a docent at the High Museum. I live in Atlanta with my husband, Scott, and our two Siamese kittens, Otis and Julius.

I sold my first painting in August 2018 to Catherine Zeta Jones. This was a turning point for me. I felt like I'd earned the title of artist, so I set up my website, ordered business cards and I've been painting almost every day since then.